SS 15

A collection ELENAREVA SS15 was built on the idea of conversion and sudden change of colour. This is a hymn to nature and the natural beauty, and at the same time - a mirror of the fleeting world, where a modern woman exists. The main source of inspiration for the designer was the Tenerife’s volcano Teide. Illusory, fantastic place, which changes its colour depending on the position of the Sun; whimsical plants, reflecting almost all architectural forms known, prompted Elena Reva direction for SS15. Thus this collection continues the tradition of the brand, interpreting the 60-s style in silhouettes and the mood by maintaining vector intellectual classics, which employs Reva. As before at the core of the collection – elegant dresses with belt ELENAREVA. Completed with the close-fitting skirts, short tops, jumpsuits with delicate cut-sleeved boleros, pantsuits, and signature of the brand coat-dressing gown, which transforms each season depending on a given theme. Elongated forms repeat and emphasize the feminine shape.

Naturally the main principles of the restrained elegance of the collection are hidden, and from this an even more attractive sensuality.

Fabrics– shimmering silk, chiffon, jacquard, texture reminiscent of sand. Color collection instructions to naturalness of nature, shades of gray early morning sky. Tenerife is known as the island of eternal spring, "said Elena Reva. – I would call it an island of perpetual inspiration. Tender, pastel shades of the local paints were reflected in the colours of the collection. Some of the fabrics withdraw us to the world of illusion and organic colour-formation, which so rich island and Mount Teide. Here is a picture that opens to a look from a distance of a hundred meters is changing rapidly, as soon as you begin to approach. And the closer you get to the volcano, the more colors, textures, shapes, you notice. This early in the morning you will see one landscape, and in the evening is completely different. I wanted to convey this mood in the collection, pass through the clothing of the certain mysteriousness is to approach the woman you dated ELENAREVA revealed with each step and allow open yourself as a big world – again and again. "

For the mystery, the variability in SS 2015 is sparkling, almost holographic chiffon, appellant not only to the native beauty of nature, but also to futurism, hi-tech fashion, jacquard, repeating the texture of the sand and the blurred, resembling watercolour floral print.