FW 14-15

ELENAREVA FW'14 collection reveals to the audience the magic of Japan. Japan – as it's mainly contrived, rather then the actual state on the map. In collaboration with artist Vlada Ralko Elena Reva creates a phantasmagoria where radicals meet: refinement with brutality, innocence with revelation, the past with the future. Japan is a special country for Reva. "I visited Tokyo for two months while working as a model 12 years ago. It was very my first trip abroad and a significant first impression, which I carried through years. Japan is amazing, especially the ancient traditions with hyper-progress. One day you can see the teenage girls in mini-skirts with coloured hair and cutting-edge gadgets, when another you can meet a girl who’s trying to be inconspicuous, shyly lowers her eyes and blushes from every compliment. For this kind of girl, to show the arm – is the top of bravery. Even though, geisha culture is a thing of the past, their refinement, inner strength, self-restraint and unusual femininity have become an integral part of the national DNA. I tried to convey the feelings I experienced through the silhouette, colours and mood; to show a woman who combines tenderness and sexuality. We deliberately used the cliché attributes of Japanese culture, such as kimono, temple ceremony, haiku, samurai and surely geisha. In contrast, we gave to the story a new meaning and flavour. This largely became ​​possible because of genius Vlada Ralko, who brought into collection the energy of anxiety. This is our way to tell manga".

At the heart of the collection is Japanese kimono, integrated by Reva into modern and sleek feminine silhouette. Another source of inspiration – the roofs of Japanese temples, whose layers well reflected in blouses and skirts. Manga highlights: floral, almost abstract black-and-white print, and massive accessories based on Ralko’s drawings. "I drew massive earrings, thinking of samurai armour and snake toy – I was always intrigued by the way it moves. Earrings are not particularly feminine, but I feel anxious without the contrast. Large volumes, mobile joints – everything suppose to move with the slightest turn of the head".

Brand’s major player – dresses – presented stricter and even more elegant. The designer continues to play with the hard-textured fabrics, offering them for the evening gowns. Another signature piece of ELENAREVA – robe-coat – would be also shown.

The suggested colour palette echoes with the Japanese philosophy of colours. Black – as a joy, white – as a divinity, red – represents love and life itself. To create a special mood the “haiku” of the famous Japanese poet Matsuo Basho compliments every garment. At the same time, the visual styling suggested by Ralko in her twenty drawings Japanese “manga” inspired – are relative to the Japanese myth, bringing the new strength and interpretations, instead of recalling the traditions.

"While working on this project, I was imagining a woman, who draw her inspiration from nature – Ralko says. – She is not afraid of metamorphosis, she transforms easily. This very volatility – is a core of her glamor. I thought about kimono’s cut, which hides the figure and give the space for the imagination. Thereby, my character is ready to be a fish or a flower, or even the cloud. She is flexible and elusive. She shows or hides anything feels necessary, creates an image based on reality or a trick of her illusion. I'm not so interested in catching her, but to trace the history of her transformation".