SS 16

Collection ELENAREVA S / S 2016 is inspired by abstract expressionism and its representatives: Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning. Besides them, the designer had an impact on the predecessor of the school, expressionist Vassily Kandinsky, with his theory of painting and new approaches in dealing with shape, color and tonal harmony.

At one time expressionism emerged as an acute reaction to World War I and the revolutionary movement. Today Ukraine is also experiencing hard times fighting for democracy and freedom. Elena Reva finds parallels between these turning points in both eras and feels that now the Ukrainians similarly to the world society hundred years ago, going through post-traumatic syndrome and feel the need for aesthetic, almost meditative beauty.

To work on the collection was invited young Ukrainian artist Katerina Libkind. Using the techniques of abstract expressionism, she created a series of emotional prints, symbolizing peace and harmony.

The collection line S / S 2016, ELENAREVA brand remains true to the concept of keeping each image minimalism and femininity, but also puts emphasis on the harmony of color and form. Iconic brand things - keep the shape of cocktail dresses and tops organza, supplemented chaotic sky-blue, violet and graphite strokes. Traditional coats, jackets and evening dresses are made in the main colors of the collection: white, pearl, black, saturated blue and ivory. Free silk blouses are offered with short trousers and flared trousers with a high waist.

Earlier ELENAREVA brand has collaborated with such Ukrainian artists as Kateryna Buchatskaya, Lada Nakonechna, Tatiana Gershuni, Alina Yakubenko, Alexander Kurmaz and Vlada Ralko.

Katerina Libkind
Born in 1991. Lives in Kiev.
Works mainly with painting and graphic techniques. Libkind was set designer projects such as the "Book Arsenal", "Festival of New Music" mono-opera "Alice" (2012). Participant of the Symposium on scenography at the Krakow Academy of Arts Jan Matejko (Poland, 2012). Ends the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, specialty set design and screen arts.