FW 15-16

Spanish artist Francisco Goya finished his most famous prints in aquatint and etching "Los Caprichos" in 1799. "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" became the central work of this series. Soon after, in 1808, Frenchman Pierre-Paul Prud'hon creates a magnificent painting - "Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime." In 1963, British gentleman Alfred Hitchcock inspired by Daphne du Maurier novel "The Birds" shoots film of the same name.

heroes of all mentioned masterpieces are birds, but allegorical rather than literal way. They symbolize the retribution, the high power, the fair justice over a guilty man.

Inspired by the great masters, Elena Reva created the collection, which is similarly to above-mentioned works of art is full of allegory and symbolism. "The theme of retribution is topical as never - says Reva. – Things that are happening in our country are the retribution and punishment in all senses. On one hand, for people's long-standing indifference to what was happening in state before, for their silence; and, for their vanity and pride on the other hand. I try to convey my feelings and experience through the artistic approach by creating this quaint and outré collection."

The birds presented by bulk cashmere capes, suits of a exaggerated forms, pants with extremely wide cloche trousers and cocktail dresses with bright decorative trim. Unlike the traditionally restrained and strict style of the brand, in this collection, one can find fresh, bold solutions: large, sharp collars; unmanufactured, frayed edges; contrasting embroideries. This season, the unusual materials were used: metallized organza, silver-coated leather and high-tech tweed. The predominant colours of the collection are rich blueberry, deep metallic and emerald steel.

An illustrator and textile designer Zamanova Alina was invited to create print for the collection. Previously, Zamanova had an experience at Alexander McQueen fashion house and now is a student of London college of Fashion.